Wattson gives your building an energy boost

Wattson gives your building an energy boost

Do you have old boilers, non-insulated roofs or obsolete lighting in your buildings? Wattson offers you solutions to give your building a genuine facelift - without any problems.


Lower energy bills

A significant improvement
in your living and working comfort

An increase in the value of your property

Wattson is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) that combines the study, construction, financing and follow-up of energy-saving measures into one customised service package.

You pay nothing in advance. Wattson's investments and services are compensated by budget that is freed up through the lower energy bills resulting from energy savings.

Wattson implements an optimal package of energy-saving measures

Wattson implements an optimal package of energy-saving measures

In each case, we implement a package of interventions and finance the same:

Efficient heating systems (with or without cogeneration)

Wall and roof insulation


Thermal or photovoltaic solar panels

We propose an optimal combination for each building and simultaneously make clear agreements about the savings that we can achieve in collaboration with you.

In the first place, Wattson works out a conclusive business case. After you approve the same, Wattson selects, guides and supervises the work of contractors and installers, with a guarantee of a timely and proper commissioning of the work. After completion of the work, we ensure the realisation of the promised savings through constant fine-tuning and a highly efficient maintenance service.

12 Residential Care Centres of Senior Living Group have already undergone an energy renovation!

Wattson implemented energy-saving measures in 12 residential care centres of Senior Living Group for an investment of more than €2 million. The operations covered a wide field: new heating systems, control equipment, insulation projects, new lighting, solar panels, and solar water heaters. A unique optimal combination was selected for each building.

Senior Living Group now saves 30% on its energy bills. This signifies a reduction of around 1,000 tons of CO2 each year.

After one year of fine-tuning, measurement and follow-up, the savings matched the proposed business case.

“Wattson is open-minded and is always ready to find a constructive solution.”

- Sigrid Knops, Real Estate Manager, Senior Living Group

Wattson has arranged for unique bank financing for the Senior Living Group project

On 14th June 2016, Wattson took a bank loan of more than €1.5 million with the KBC Bank to finance our first project. This type of financing for such a versatile energy-saving project is unique in Belgium.

For an article in the KBC newsletter, click here.

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